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Luiza Zan & Barabás Lőrinc – Railroad
(România, Ungaria)

11 July 2021

Main Stage, Poiana Lupului, Gărâna

Luiza Zan – vocal
Barabás Lőrinc – trumpet

A collection of fugitive and foggy landscapes, with flashes of light and moments of warmth, candidly inviting the audience to dreaming or being.

A multitude of instruments on stage, played by one man, with a trumpet, and a woman with only her voice.

Spoken word, animal sounds, ancient beats and screams, licks and patterns that form a trace of jazz.

One of the most original jazz singers in Europe, Luiza Zan will perform at the 25th edition of Garana Jazz Festival in a duet with Hungarian trumpet player Barabás Lőrinc.

Winner of numerous prestigious awards, including the Shure Jazz Voice Competition at Montreux Jazz Festival, Luiza Zan is an exceptional artists who always manages to captivate and move the audience.