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Charley Rose Trio

8 July 2022

Main Stage, Poiana Lupului, Gărâna

Charley Rose – saxophone
Enzo Carniel – piano
Pit Dahm – drums
This concert is being performed as part of the “Jazz Migration #7” series established by AJC to support the professional development of new jazz groups.

Charley Rose Trio is a promising trio under the leadership of a young jazz saxophone player. Charley Rose has a marvellous sound – his alto saxophone denoting remarkable tenderness. With pianist Enzo Carniel – active member of House of Echo – and drummer Pit Dahm, they form a contemporary jazz trio without a bass, whose inventiveness and creativity captivates. throughout the improvisation sessions, Charley, Enzo and Pit have created a profound friendship around a mutual vision of life and music.

Poetic, non-conformist and creative, the three artists weave disonant harmonies, ballads, blues and surprising rhythms under the seal of virtuosity.