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Frank Gambale All Star Band
(Australia, Franța, Ungaria, Mauritius)

9 IULIE 2022

Main Stage, Poiana Lupului, Gărâna​

Frank Gambale – guitar/vocal
Hadrien Feraud – bass
Gergo Borlai – drums
Jerry Léonide – keyboards

Frank Gambale, considered by Chick Corea as “one of the best guitar players on the planet”, is a first-time guest in Wolf’s Meadow! Frank Gambale is a genius, creator of the sweep picking technique, which he raised to an art form and which continues to inspire generations of musicians (Pat Metheny being one of them). During Gambale‘s concerts, the musical energy tends to often reach incendiary levels.

Virtuoso Australian guitar player, winner of Grammy awards, Frank Gambale brought together under the title All Star Band some of his most treasured recent collaborators: Hadrien Feraud – the bass player of the famous Vigil band led by Chick Corea, fabulous drummer Gergo Borlai (Tribal Tech, Al DiMeola) and Jerry Léonide, the young pianist, winner of the audience award at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Together, the four artists take on funk, jazz and jazz-rock, in a jazz fusion extravaganza that constantly amazes audiences around the globe.