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Magnus Öström Band

9 IULIE 2022

Main Stage, Poiana Lupului, Gărâna

Magnus Öström – drums, percussion, voice
Andreas Hourdakis – acoustic and electric guitar, banjo
Thobias Gabrielson – bass, bass synthesizer, keyboards
Daniel Karlsson – piano, keyboards

Swedish drummer Magnus Öström is well-known to audiences as a member of the Esbjörn Svensson Trio (90’s-2000’s), but over the last 10 years has become a name onto itself on the international jazz scene. There are three recorded albums of Magnus Öström Band, all of them bringing to the European jazz scene a sound that is unique, reinvigorating, progressive and ambitious. Magnus Öström won the Echo award for Best Drummer in Germany with his debut album Thread of Life.

“As for most of us, life has its ups and downs, but when I have been at my lowest, when you don’t see any way out, the music has always been there to save me, it has been my Parachute. This record is a celebration of music itself and to the energy it carries.” – Magnus Öström about his album, Parachute (Diesel Music, 2016).