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Nicolas Simion Trio – Crazy World

10 July 2022

Experimental Stage empowered by UniCredit Bank, Văliug

Nicolas Simion – saxophone
Sorin Romanescu – guitar
Andrei Petrache – piano

Nicolas Simion is one of the most original saxophone players in Europe. His music combines folklore rhythms, modern jazz, funk and improvisation. About his compositions, Nicolas says: “The main body of my music can be considered etno jazz, folk jazz or jazz with Balkan influences. I simply call it music”.

The musical universe of Nicolas Simion, that weaves together the sounds of contemporary music with the beats of Romanian folklore and his interpretative energy denotes him as one of the ambassadors of Romanian jazz. In 2015, Nicolas Simion won the WDR Jazz Prize in the improvisation category, added to a collection of countless other awards.