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Vincent Courtois – West (solo)

8 July 2022

Experimental Stage empowered by UniCredit Bank, Văliug

Friday, 8th July 2022, 11 am, French cellist Vincent Courtois will open the series of concerts in the Valiug Catholic Church with a solo concert entitled West. “I feel that my music has become more precise, evolving towards an ideal point or place – wonderful spaces, melodious silences, monumental scapes through which you can travel on intimate paths with the help of hidden, mysterious maps” says Courtois in his description of the album West, released in 2015 at ECM Records.

Vincent Courtois is a remarkable cellist on the contemporary jazz scene. Supported by experience and multiple influences, he developed his own, unique form of musical exploration. His creative process is based on musical relationships, on equilibrium of personalities and energies, on the impact of the cello, on images and silence. Some of his most remarkable projects are: Pendulum Quartet, with Julien Lourau (1993), the album Marvellous with Michel Petrucciani, Tony Williams and Dave Holland, Napoli’s Walls with Louis Sclavis, Ernest et Célestine with Louis Sclavis, Dominique Pifarély, Michel Godard and François Couturier (2012) and West with Daniel Erdmann, Robin Fincker and Benjamin Moussay (2015).