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Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr feat. Jörg Brinkmann (Germania)

6 July 2023

Main Stage, Poiana Lupului, Gărâna

Julian Wasserfuhr – trumpet, Flugelhorn
Roman Wasserfuhr – piano
Jörg Brinkmann – cello

After seven successful albums, Julian and Roman Wasserfuhr are now among the most well-known jazz artists in Germany. At Gărâna Jazz Festival, they will play alongside avant-garde cellist Jörg Brinkmann. The three have recorded, in 2018, in a studio in the south of Ireland, the album Relaxin’ in Ireland.

“Relaxin‘ in Ireland” is an extremely personal, musical description of the the Emerald Isle. It is also am album that tells the story of how the surroundings of West Cork have bewitched the musicians at the moment of their musical creation.

Julian Wasserfuhr was already considered in his youth as the most talented German trumpet player since Till Brönner. With this pianist brother Roman, they form an unbreakable team. Their closeness makes their music flow. Whether on the trumpet or flugelhorn, Julian creates a warm atmosphere. His brother Roman’s radiant palette gives freshness, maturity and airiness to their sound.

Jörg Brinkmann has a unique interpretation technique that has been perfected over time. It started from a desire to explore the cello to its limit, in the most non conventional way possible. He plays with his Jörg Brinkmann Trio, as well as with Dolce Vita Trio, Franz Von Chossy Quintet, Ensemble Seapiasonic and Michael Schiefel Platypus Trio.