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8 July 2023

Experimental Stage empowered by UniCredit Bank, Văliug

Vasil Hadžimanov (b. 23.06.1973, Belgrad, Serbia) is well known and appreciated beyond Europe’s borders. He graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston and has performed with David Gilmore, Antonio Sanchez, Matt Garrison, David Binney, Nigel Kennedy. Vasil’s ideas of mixing traditional Balkan rhythms and modern melodies (from jazz, funk, world music) led him to a personal approach to jazz music. He founded his own band 20 years ago and started performing in Serbia and other European countries. Vasil Hadžmanov Band also played in Romania, at Gărâna Jazz Festival 2017. With this band he has released 8 albums, many of them with huge success both in sales and with audiences and jazz critics. In addition to his work with this band, Hadžimanov has also recorded with his trio the albums “El Raval” (2011) and “Melody Rhymes” (2021), with Bojan Zulfikarpašić – “Koncert na Kolarcu” (2017) and with Dušan Jevtović – “Duo” (2020).